1. 7

    Amp Gain using O scope

    Im having trouble knowing the way to set the amp gain using O-scope for different ohms, lets say the amp can handle 1/2/4 ohms, so when the sub is not attached how do you set the gain with o scope for different ohms? each ohm means different voltage, so how to set the gain for 1ohm in my case?
  2. MarcelGous

    Installed new system and need assistance

    Good Day All So i took my 2012 Audi Q7 to a reputable car audio installer here in my country, but was extremely disappointed when i left the shop. Audio screen was replaced with a aftermarket android unit and a Hi-Low converter was added for signal to the amp (this was due them not getting...
  3. H

    Front stage gain voltage wont go past 10v, sub amp gains set fine.

    I am having an issue, I was able to set my subwoofer amp gains to the calculated 50v fine (nvx xad13) (sounds and works great), I go to set the gain on my sundown sdx 200.2 and gain maxed at the same volume I set my sub amp (same volume on the same headunit I had my last setup running on fine)...
  4. O

    Need help setting gain

    I only use Spotify to listen to music and I used a 40 Hz test tone and use the multimeter to set the voltage to 27v ac (28.28v ac is the spec) but when looking at the voltage for some songs it will jump around and peaking around 35v ac. Is this okay/normal? Is it just getting peak power and is...
  5. M

    Can't reach desired voltage on amp

    So I newly bought an Stetsom Vulcan 3000 2 Ohm, that is 3000w @ 2 ohm. My head unit is: Sony DSX-A510BD and my two subwoofers is: Edge EDP122SPL-E6 12" - wich are 1500W each, and dual 2 ohm (connected in an 2 ohm series). My car is an volvo s60 2004, with stock altenator (should be 120-150...
  6. g_cirillo

    Checked gain with an O-scope, sub is still smelling

    This one is frustrating. To start off, my setup is a pioneer 1200w amp with two comp c 12" subs in a ported box. my gain is set at 9.10v and my lpf at 80hz. I bought an o-scope because tuning gain by ear is next to impossible. Did everything you should, disconnected my subs, played a 40hz tone...
  7. Nick Miles

    Adjusting the gain in my kenwood head unit

    Hey guys I'm fairly new to car audio but I need to find the source of my system having really high pitchy ness when the high notes are hit on just about any song at decently high volume. I talked with a friend of mine he said first adjust the EQ to lower the right part of the line graph down...
  8. Y

    Question about gain on taramps

    I have a Taramps 8k 2 ohm on the way, reading up people say you cant use the root mean square method to estimate power, but this thread says clamping can still get you far off from "true power". I have a dual trace o scope, dmm, and an AC fluke amp meter. Should I just use the clamp method...
  9. CrAiZ3

    Tell me if I am setting the gain correctly

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to explain how I set the gain on my amp with a multi-meter and have someone tell me if I'm missing something. I've done this a bunch of times but something unusual happened this time. I did the normal: All speaker wires disconnected Amp gain all the way down...
  10. AtillaTheHung

    Explain the use of gains

    So, I have a Hifonics ZRX 1000.1D and a JVC KD-X310BT. So the HU preout is 2.5v. So I set the amp near or at 2.5v. The amp goes from 0.2v to 6v. So, what do people mean by your gains are to 'high'? I guess that I'm asking, why does it sound like the bass is quiet when I turn the knob to say 2v...
  11. S

    Help with input sens. Vs hu pre out

    Hey guys quick question. My hu has 8v preouts (avh-4000nex) and my American bass amp for my subs is able to be set up at 8v. Here's my problem, my Fosgate 4 chan. And 2 chan are both 4v maximum... How can I get maximum output out of all three? I have a dmm and dd1 so setting gains and checking...
  12. L

    Is my amp broken?

    Yesterday, I figured I would try to set the gain properly on my amp. Its a BK1300.1D. All the knobs for tuning including the gain don't stop spinning either way i turn them. Am i just missing something here that's a very simple fix? or is my amp completely useless now.
  13. Ekisic

    In much need of help!! Please respond!

    Alrighty so here's the deal. I recently bought an MTX 5515 15" 4 ohm dvc sub. It's 400w rms. the amp it WAS hooked up to was a pioneer at 400 rms but could not handle a 2 ohm load, so I had to wire it in at 8 ohms. And to my knowledge this would cut the power to 200w going to the sub. I have a...
  14. S

    Setting amp (input sensitivity)

    I am going to be using my iphone 4s with no EQ set as my input to my car amp. I am unsure of where to set my input sensitivity to match my iphone or should I set it just like setting a gain by ear? thanks in advance..
  15. heimsothe

    Where Should My HU EQ Settings Be Set At When I Set My Sub Amp Gain?

    I have a Pioneer AVH-x2600bt with an 8 band EQ. I'm confused as to where I should set my EQ bands when I set the gain for my sub amp. My thought was to set them at max (12db) when I set the gain, but I've read that the EQ settings should be at 0d or flat when setting the amp gain, it has me...
  16. heimsothe

    Quick and Easy Volume Control of Subs

    Hey guys, so I want to be able to easily adjust the volume on my subs when I get them installed. So I had an idea the to use a bass/gain knob. Now I do not want to use this to ever turn my subs up over what they are tuned and set to. I just want to use this to turn down the volume of them for...
  17. C

    How to set gain for mp3 player

    Hi everyone! This is my first post and I would like to know something about gain on an amp. I have a Sansa Clip MP3 player and I would like to know if setting the gain on my amp to max would be OK? The MP3 player itself has an output voltage of 18 mV at 16 ohms. The amp's highest gain setting is...
  18. ModifierMR

    Low amp output even with gain at maximum. Running out of options

    Hey all, Question for you guys: I have a subwoofer and amp setup that i have had in 3 different cars now. In my past two vehicles the woofers slammed, and sounded great. On my current vehicle however I have run into problems. Issue: The output of the amplifier is very low. The gain has to be...
  19. C

    SPL grla5500/1d VS. SSL EV5000 which is better?

    GRLA5500: RMS Power Rating: 4 ohms: 1700 watts x 1 chan. 2 ohms: 2500 watts x 1 chan. 1 ohm: 3200 watts x 1 chan. SSL EV5000 1 ohm 5000w x 1 Max power 2 ohm 3500w x 1 Max power, 4 ohm 1800w x 1 RMS power 2 ohm 2500w x 1 RMS The ssl claims to be 1 ohm stable but i had it on 4 alpine...
  20. S

    RMS power for a 600W RMS JL 10w6v2

    Hey guys, I am getting a 10w6v2 for a great price from a friend, and am going to buy an amp to power it. It has 600W RMS/1200W peak handling. From reading the forums and other sources, I want to get an amp where i don't have to worry about clipping too much, and don't have to max the gain to...