1. C1500martin

    FT1 replacement

    what's up fellas, one of my Crescendo FT1 tweeters isn't playing anymore and the recones and new models are OOS themselves so i need a replacement. Anyone ran DS18 stuff? really liked the FT1s would want something similar.
  2. spokey9

    Whats a crescendo encore 12k worth?

    There's one local that I think I could grab for $600...but I'd be flipping it to fund my addiction 😂
  3. R

    Upgrading Electrical For First Time?

    I just purchased a 2000 Chevrolet cavalier LS 4DR. I am going to be purchasing (2) Sundown X 12 2 ohms (1500 watts a piece) and (1) Crescendo Bass Clef 6000W Amp In the next coming weeks. I will be custom building my box. I was wondering what electrical upgrades I will need to power this system...
  4. K

    Sundown Salt 4k vs Crescendo Bassclef 8k vs?

    Hi there! Can't find any dyno results on the BC 8k, and I was wondering how much I'd be gaining from upgrading to it from the Salt 4k. I won't be running much higher than 15v and wired wired 1.3 ohms. Or, Should I go with a full bridge 8k and save some money?
  5. BassJunkie96

    COMPLETED Selling Crescendo BC3500

    Hey guys, selling a BC3500D works flawlessly and is in great condition only thing is one of the heat sink fins is slightly bent. Selling because I decided to go a different route with my build and will be looking for something in the 4500w range. Comes with gain control knob and wire. Looking...
  6. BassJunkie96

    Which American Bass XFL's to get ?

    I'm looking to upgrade the subs i have now (hds2.1 12''s) and I have been eyeing the XFL's for a while now now the dilemma is I cant decide whether to get a pair of the dual 4 ohms and wire them to 1 ohm final or get the dual 2's and try for .5 ohms. I know the BC3500 is .5 stable but is it...
  7. A

    Crescendo BC5500D

    View Listing Crescendo BC5500D Stable down to .5ohm on strong electrical.Up to 18.5v capable. 5800watts @1ohm on 13.8v Had the amp sitting in my room unused for about a year, needing to get rid of it. Now I'm finally selling it. They just discontinued the bc5500 for the...
  8. majorpker984

    WTB Crescendo BC2000

    Looking for a Crescendo BC2000 to go with my other.
  9. B

    Any Crescendo C1100.4 for sale?

    Any Crescendo C1100.4 for sale? Or Any Crescendo 800.4?
  10. denim

    Cyber Monday deals at

    Cyber Monday deals at SoundSolutionsAudio's Online car audio store! Best prices, products and customer service. Fast shipping to US, Canada and More!!
  11. Eggroll

    Crescendo BC2000D

    Item(s) for Sale: Crescendo BC2000D Item(s) Description/Condition: 10/10 10/10 Practically new. Ran on my ethos dual 1 ohm coil, at 2 ohms, but I clamped it getting only 500 watts rising to 4 ohms (I guess cause the missing sub and the extra box space). Never seen below 13v. Never gone into...
  12. Eggroll

    Looking for ~4k at 1ohm

    Currently own a BC2000D (10/10 I can post any pics/videos) Looking for around 4k at 1 ohm, but need to sell this^ first. Trading: would be this^ and cash for a ~4k amp Anyone interested in this amp? If so, I will post a more specific and formal thread for it with tons of pics and even videos...
  13. S

    PWX 6.5 Installation Help

    Hey guys Ill be installing a PwX 6.5 in each of my doors factory location in my 09 escalade. Ill be removing the grilles unless they will fit with them still on. But will they fit in the stock mounting hole? Anyone have a similar situation? Also their RTS-1 silk dome tweeters..are they 8ohm? 4...
  14. Justin braaapp

    4 ch amp help?

    Im looking into redoing my front stage and kind of had my heart set on two crescendo ft1 super tweets and two pwx 6.5's in my 2000 silverado but i was told my current polk pa660 amp isn't active capable so I wouldn't be able to use the pwx mids with it. So my question is what would be a good amp...
  15. TreyE

    BNIB Crescendo Audio Mezzo 6.5" + RTS-1 Tweets

    Item(s) for Sale: ONLY Crescendo Mezzo 6.5" Component Set BNIB RTS-1 TWEETERS SOLD. Item(s) Description/Condition: Hey all had a change of plans with things and am looking to sell the Crescendos. Only opened to inspect and tested one mid with one of the RTS. Saw 100rms from a high end home...
  16. S

    Crescendo BC2000D

    Crescendo BC2000D Selling Crescendo BC2000D: This amp is rated at 2250 rms @13.8V. It's in great condition and works like a charm! It is currently hooked up, but I honestly never play my system unless someone wants a demo. Only reason I am selling is because I want something a little bigger...
  17. S

    WTT: Crescendo BC2000D & $ for 3k-4k

    The title explains it I will trade my Crescendo BC2000D that does 2250 RMS @13.8V for a bigger amp. I will also throw some cash out there for this trade! shoot me an offer. AMP is in great condition 10/10 mechanics 9/10 cosmetics...
  18. S

    Crescendo BC2000D

    Selling Crescendo BC2000D: This amp is rated at 2250 rms @13.8V. It's in great condition and works like a charm! It is currently hooked up, but I honestly never play my system unless someone wants a demo. Only reason I am selling is because I want something a little bigger. 10/10...
  19. Josef344

    WTB: Crescendo 5500BC or a 6k rms amp.

    Tell me what you have and price shipped to 32244. I need a solid 6k rms amp or as close to 6k..
  20. B

    Looking for crescendo 3500

    I'm looking for a crescendo 3500 in excellent condition. pm me with offers please.
  21. T

    I need a Crescendo BC2000

    I need a crescendo BC2000 for under $400 im looking everywhere srry
  22. Joe562MMA

    MIA but 4 Flxx 15s & crescendo bc5500

    Been occupied with other **** lately but anyway, got my box from Steve Beats double baffled birch wood box tuned to 35.5hz Very satisfied with the box & subs i just got the box today an installed them i have 4 d4 subs wired at a 2 ohm load, i havent tested for box rise or clamped...
  23. I

    WTB FT1 Supertweets

    8 ohm version
  24. I

    Some guidance on FT1 Super Tweets

    How much power do you think they could handle? Just ordered a C1100.4 from Crescendo and not sure if id need 4 ohm or 8 ohm FT1s. Only running a pair, one per channel along with 2 PWK 6.5s per channel on the other two channels. Any guidance from everybody would be greatly appreciated.
  25. B

    New Setup- Crescendo, Alpine

    2 Alpine SWR-12d4 Crescendo BC2000D (Wired at one ohm) Custom Sealed Box because ported box won't fit in my trunl (is250) Please let me know if you have any suggestions
  26. Joe562MMA

    Crescendo BC 3500 at .5 ohm

    anyone have clap numbers at 13.8 at .5 ohm? reason i say 13.8 is because my voltage sits at 14.3 but hard long notes drops to lowest 13.8 13.7 Im gonna purchase this amp new just wanted to see if anyone had personal experience with it at that voltage an ohm load...
  27. Fearz

    Crescendo Bc2000d

    Item(s) for Sale: BNIB Crescendo Bc2000d Item(s) Description/Condition: BNIB Price: 315 shipped Open to offers Trade towards a 3500 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: U.S 48 Using UPS BNIB Bc2000d never used. The plastic that the amp comes wrapped in has a hole from the 4...
  28. slapmaster

    42 mids/highs on 3800watts getting stuppid loud Crescendo FTMW!

    just a little distence test..... lmk what u guys think? vid
  29. P

    FS: Crescendo 1000.4 , MINT CONDITION (BARELY USED)! cheap

    Item(s) for Sale: Crescendo 1000c4 Item(s) Description/Condition: Mint Condition, Basically Brand new in box.. Barely ever used. 10/10 .. Any Questions feel free to ask. First to pay, will ship immediately. Price: $170 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: UPS / FedEx ...
  30. J

    SOLD MB Quart 5 1/4 components

    I am selling my set of MB Quart components that are in great shape and sound excellent.I removed them from my car last weekend to put a new set in and have used them for over a year.They were on a A/D/S P840.2 since I had them,the original owner had them on a JL 300/4.I dont have the original...
  31. J


    I have a Oldschool Soundstream USA305 5 channel amp that is in good condition for its age and has a few scratches.This amp works excellent and sounds even better!I received it on trade from a friend and really didnt need it so its up for sale.He was running 3 8w3's off the sub channel and I was...
  32. J

    SOLD RD Audio 7500.1

    1. Product: RD Audio 7500.1 2. Specs: The RD series amplifiers deliver a ton of power with a low distortion rate. We used the best parts we could find to give you a top quality amplifier that anyone would be proud to show off. With their clean looks and sleek finish, they’ll look good in any...