1. L

    Entry bass in a trunk car

    A quick vid of me vibrating some things in/on my car this is my entry setup thats there to replace the nothing that was before. Its a impressive little piece of work on no more than about 250 rms to the subs. It surprises everyone that hears it setup in sig check it out keep a look put for...
  2. X

    12" Fi Q Questions

    Hey guys, I've been researching and I think I am about to purchase a 12" Fi Q because of all the good reviews. I just have a couple questions regarding the sub itself. On the website, it can come with a bunch of options and I don't know what they are. Can someone explain dual 1 vs. dual 2...
  3. 05trailblazer

    need dimensions for a ported box for 2 12s pioneer premiers

    If someone can help me get the dimensions for me to build the box thanks!!
  4. lgnbarnard

    Subwoofer system for 2007 chevy silverado ~PLEASE HELP~

    I'm new to the whole speaker system thing and I just needed some recommendations to get the most bang for my buck. I have a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab, I was having a lot of trouble finding a box that fits in my truck and is big enough for good subs. I don't have anything other than tools...
  5. Bitterclown

    Box for my passat wagon

    I would like some input on a box plan that popped into my head for my passat. I will get some measurements and a better picture drawn up when I have the time I just sketched it out real quick so I didn't forget. Again a QUICK sketch I know it looks bad but gives you and myself a reference...
  6. A

    Anyone who knows how to fix voice coils

    Item(s) for Sale: I have plenty of burnt out subwoofers for sale, 3 JL AUDIO 12w6 (one of them might actually still work) and two 1000watt SoundXtreme subs i also have 2 sub boxes for sale, one triple 12 sealed box and one dual 12 box bandpass (glass in front) Item(s) Description/Condition...
  7. M

    Help me design my box :)

    I tried to design a box on this program but... im not sure if these dimensions will work very well at all. it should be about 3.5ft^3 total minus the ports and 5/8 wall divideing the subs. I was planning on putting to cvr 12's in it. i've built a couple boxes before, but this is my box so i...
  8. USAFbro

    Low wattage + cheap subs = good bass?

    My friend asked me to pick out a reasonably priced setup for him, and he really doesn't want to get rid of the amp he has... kicker 400.1 gives out 400+ @ 2 ohms He has a poorly built prefab sealed box with 2 JBL SVC 4ohm subs in their.... its not good lol. My question to you all... What are...
  9. marcin93

    custom 15 box

    im looking for a box for a 15" ^^Can anyone make me the same exact box...or suttin similar? Or direct me to someone that can? This box is perfect for my...
  10. F

    Jl 12w3v3-2

    ok guys hows everyone doing im new to this website and this is my first post i really need some help. i just purchased i jl12w3v3-2. im running a quantum audio amp to it model number qa1800d its giving it 900 watts it says anyway.. well the question is about the box i have it in i have it in a...
  11. C

    Two 12" Subs under rear seat?

    Does anyone know the best way to put two 12" JL subs under a seat? I have an '00 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I have a feeling I'm going to have to make two custom fiberglass boxes...I've searched for custom boxes but they don't seem to exist. Also, if anyone else has any other ideas on how to...
  12. W

    help me pick some nice sub(s)

    i drive a 1999 eclipse and currently have 2 10 inch xplods in there (Lol). Im looking for something a little better sounding and lot better hitting. The amp i have is a vibe 268 2000/1000w rms claimed power (2x30a fuses). Im lookin to get 1 or 2 12s but space is somewhat limited as the trunk...
  13. nyoc

    FS: Professional Subwoofer Enclosure for 2 12s

    1. Product: 1 Professional Subwoofer Enclosure (box) for 2 12" subs This was built by DLDesignz aka Bassman3 or Dustin 2. Specs: 37W x 18H x 20D 2 12" openings 1 port tuned to 30Hz 3. Description/Condition: Like new, never used, never had subs screwed in, and only about 6 months old...
  14. J

    Need a box design for fi btl 15"

    For an FI BTL 15" fully loaded D2 in an oldsmobile intrigue.. 4 door sadan with fold down seats. . Box can be 17" tall if it doesnt exceed 30" in length and 20" in depth. Would like it to be around 3.5-5 cubes. Tuning at 28-35 hertz ideal around 34. Any suggestions welcomed!! smaller, bigger...
  15. D

    08 silverado ext cab

    I have a 08 silverado ext cab and a 12" Fi x, im just wondering if theres any way ill get to fit my sub in my car short of ripping out seats
  16. F

    Is there a way to repair an enclosure?

    Enclosure - Ported box. 2 Single-chambers. 12" I noticed my bass sounded horrible the other day, so I popped the hatch and noticed one of my subs was literally falling out. The screws had completely came out of multiple locations. To temporarily fix this, I simply turned the sub a bit to drill...
  17. D

    Box for single Alpine SWR 1043D

    Hey all, I just got into the Subwoofer department with a single Alpine SWR 1043D running on an Alpine M500/1. I just ran all the wiring in my car and I'm waiting to build my box. Here is where I needed a little advice. I want to tune the box to 32-34hz to get a good range of benefits from the...
  18. H

    Rockford Fosgate 15" T1 Box Help

    Hey all. I really need help with a box design like specs and things. Im new to the box building thing so please keep it simple. The box it for a 15" RF T1 4 ohm sub. Going in a 2000 Dodge Neon. the limitaions are 17" high and 35" wide. Depth doesn't really matter. Please help me out with...
  19. DodgeSlammit

    Center Console Box Design

    Hey guys im new to this forum, but i was just going to see if anyone could help me out with designing a center console box for my 04 ram. i have 2 memphis 10's that will be in it, i want it to be ported, and i want a screen in it too Memphis says it needs to be 2.5 cubes @ 35hz and the port is...
  20. R

    RF T2 or Orion H2 12.2...which ones would you prefer????

    Which subs would you prefer??? A pair of Rockford Fosgate 12 inch T2 or Orion H2 12.2???
  21. f1mclarenagr

    DC Level 4 12" Sub Box Size

    Hey guys, I am going to be purchasing two DC Audio Level 4 12" sub woofers, and have a question on the box size. On the website it say 1.5^3 ft per sub is recommended for ported enclosures. So obviously this would be 3^3 ft of airspace for two subs. Now, I have a box already that is 4^3 ft that...
  22. C

    Subwoofer LEDs Help

    Hey, I know I risk looking like a complete idiot by admitting this, but I'm putting 2 12" Streetglow LED strips alongside my sub box. The only installation instructions say to connect the ground and the power to their respective sources. What I want to do is make them flash to the beat, much in...
  23. N

    Need ram_designs box

    RAM_ would u be able to ,make a box design for 2 SA-15s? please get back at me asap thanks man. i have all the specs for you
  24. E

    Ported Enclosure for (2) Kicker L7 15" - Need some ideas please!

    Kicker recommends 3-6 cubic ft per sub. I'm thinking one box to house both subs, and planned on building it at about 10 cubic ft excluding the port. Question 1: Can anyone recommend how many cubic feet to build this box, or does 10 cubic feet sound about right? Question 2: What do you guys...
  25. Sweet'n Low

    Any Southwest Ohio Box Builders?

    I've got a design ready to go I just don't have equipment. Anybody think they can handle this for me? Need someone with experience.. Will pay of coarse. I live in Springfield so anywhere with in the Dayton-Columbus would be great. Please take in consideration that I am on a budget...I'm...
  26. RAM_Designs

    RAM_Designs feedback thread

    Figured I'd start one to keep track of the boxes I help people with(a little late now, but whatever)...if I've done something for you, please post your experience here whether it be good or bad.
  27. C

    Two 10 inch mtx audio thunder 4000 and box for 2 12 inch subs

    75 bucks no wires no box 75 bucks for box Email: [email protected] buyer responsible for shipping and handling also will find out prices when i find a buyer
  28. Finished box

    Finished box

    Sangria Red paint job just like the car's paint. It's nice that I can wax it if I want.
  29. For Rockford

    For Rockford

    Just needs my Sangria Red paint job and it'll be complete.
  30. For Rockford

    For Rockford

    Ready to go in.