aero port

  1. JetskiReese

    04 Corolla 2 zvx 12 on 8k?

    I have an 04 Corolla with an rp2000 on 1 zvx12v2 sub. I bought a pretty big dual 12 box tuned to 32hz. The port wraps around the back and is as long as it can before it chokes itself, i had 2 sdrs in it at 1400w but on the lows I could tell they weren't doing what they could have. I bought a zvx...
  2. D

    2 SA 8's with a aero port box

    Hello, this will be my first box build. I designed a 1.33CU box last night. Once i calculated the port length for 1 6" aero port it said i needed a 41" port length! Now i am very confused and could not find anything useful online. Any help for a newbie? Thanks, Nolan
  3. A

    SoundStream SPLX 15, Aero Ports. 4" or 6"????

    I just ordered a Soundstream SPLX 15 (new version). I have the old box that my PA MOFO 15 was in, 4.4 cu. ft. gross volume. It currently has two, 4"x12" aero ports, for a tuning of around 32Hz. Both Soundstream and PA recommend two, 4" aero ports for these subs but I have heard that I could...
  4. LuvnThatBass

    Aero Port enclosure design.

    I have been tinkering around with Torres Calculator and Sketch-Up for a few weeks on my free time. Trial after trial, I think I finally have what I am going to start building. Here is the design in SketchUp This is going in the back of a 2013 Kia Soul+ (with trunk compartment removed of...
  5. Y

    Aero port big enough?

    Ok,so I'm pretty new to the idea of aero ports but I have read on other threads that if done right they can get extremely loud with great sound quality.I used the psp-inc calculator for the tuning and tuned a 8 cu ft box with a single 10" aero port 18" long to 33 hz.And I'm just wondering if it...
  6. Y

    What size aero port for 8 cube box?

    Looking into using an aero port for the first time and I'm clueless on what size to use for the tuning I want.It's gonna be an 8 cube box (48"W*23"H*18"D)and I'm looking to tune it around 33 hz and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these and could tell me what I needed.Sorry if I'm...
  7. wlmrs

    About to build a ported box for an Orion H2 15.2...Aero Port???'s

    Just wanted some opinions on what size port to use to get the most output out of this sub.I'm shooting for 3.3 cu.ft. net @ 33hz. after all displacements.I don't know whether to go with two 4" flared or one 6"flared.Also do you think I'd get more output with sub forward port forward or sub...
  8. I

    Newbie Question regarding 15" subs and aero ported enclosure build

    Hello all, I'm new here and looking to build my first round/aero port enclosure. I have built numerous sealed boxes and 2 slot ported boxes. I recently acquired two cheap 15" subs and would like to try them out, basically test them. Specs are as follows: Fs(Hz): 23.4 Qms: 6.589 Vas(ft3)...
  9. W

    Converting Port to Vent help

    im new here so if there is a post for this already, shoot me a link. I have two Sound Storm CL15D 15'' subwoofers. they require a tube port that is 4'' in diameter and 10'' long. what i want to do is use a Sono tube to make an enclosure, but instead of having an aero port, i would like to do a...
  10. aaronwhitlock3

    Where can I buy 2 8" aero ports

    Anyone no where I can get 2 19" long 8"aeros from?
  11. G

    (aeroport box) Need some quick help

    i need to build a 1.5ft^3 box tuned to 35 hz. the subwoofer i have is a boss outlaw L12. On the specifications it says all already stated but it needs a aerofort to be 4" in diameter and 12" long. Nows the questions.... it says " box is given as internal air volume including driver...
  12. DMV1919

    aero port question

    I'm gonna be building a ported box 1.75-2 (haven't decided yet) cu ft @ 30 hz for a Skar VVX12 given 800 watts @ 2 ohms by a Directed 1500d The box will be going in the back of a camaro and according to this the best sub/port placement would be upfiring into the glass I can fire the port...