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Rainbow 5.25" Comps and Coax

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I'm looking into new speakers for my setup. Originally I had selected JBL components, but that deal fell through. Now, I'm in the market for Rainbow, and I contacted Don (6spdcoupe) with no response.


How much will I be looking to spend on speakers alone?

Which line do you recommend? SLC or Dream?

What amp will suit these best? From what I've search, a lot of you guys run Arc amps with Rainbow


My budget is roughly $500


My goals are to have a clean sounding system that replaces stock speaker locations in a Volvo 850 wagon

- 5.25 comps (front door woofer, tweet in dash)

- 5.25 coax upgraded to 6.5 coax (rear door)

- Tweeter in D-pillar, will leave OEM one there.

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well if you spend the 400$ on the germs and have a component amp for them then you wont need rear fill

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Nissan 350Z

Digital Designs 9510E with F soft parts

I NEED A AMP for the DD, either 2000+rms at 2 or half ohm. PM ME!!

for sale:

Memphis M3

Memphis PB-400

Rockford Fosgate P162S

Memphis PR100.2

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