Wiring Help!? Question on Wire Brand & Question on How to Wire 4 Channel


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Ok, so question 1. I currently have a Memphis 1/0 wire kit (super flexible!), its really nice wire (over $200 retail). But I am going to need much more 1/0 and 4 and 8. I was thinking about going with KnuKoncepts (not the Copper Clad Aluminum ****), which I hear is a pretty good wire and way cheaper than the memphis! So my question is, is the KnuKoncepts good enough that I should just buy it in bulk and use just that, then sell the Memphis? Or should I really just bite the $ and buy more Memphis? I'll be running about 3.5k for all. Think the KnuKoncepts is decent enough at that level?

Question 2. I have a set of ID 6.5 Comps, and a set of ID 6x9's (all are 4 ohm / 100 rms) with the Soundstream DTR4.500 (4 channel - 80x4 @ 4 / 125x4 @ 2). So I obviously want to run it at 2 ohms, but how do I wire it to speakers?

I looked at the wiring diagram for it in the manual, but they are just wired to each channel, which wouldn't that just be 4 ohms?



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I'd keep the Memphis and run it to a distro black that can't be seen. Then just buy some Knu to run to your amps. That way you can't visually see the two different kinds of wire.

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