memphis car audio

  1. Jwool23

    For People Who Know Their Memphis Car Audio

    Who here is familiar with the Memphis M3 series subs? I know they are old school, but they are still bad *** in my opinion. I used to run a 15inch M3 Mojo with an MClass 2500.1 years ago. Thing of beauty! Anyway, I'm looking at buying this M3 that's on Ebay. The place that is selling is telling...
  2. C

    Memphis Subwoofers...Worth the hype??

    I live in Chattanooga, TN, and around here it seems that Memphis subwoofers (and amps to power them) are super popular. I guess they have lots of street cred for being some of the best kind in my city, but I'm just wondering if they're better than other stuff. Does anyone know how Memphis...
  3. F

    Memphis 16-ST1000D

    Item(s) for Sale: Memphis St-1000d Item(s) Description/Condition: Used but in great condition. Has some scuffs but does not affect its performance All measurements @ 14 volts unless otherwise specified: Frequency Response (4 Ohm IHF Load 80 Hz Ref. Crossover @ highest setting): +0 dB, -.9...
  4. B

    Wiring Help!? Question on Wire Brand & Question on How to Wire 4 Channel

    Ok, so question 1. I currently have a Memphis 1/0 wire kit (super flexible!), its really nice wire (over $200 retail). But I am going to need much more 1/0 and 4 and 8. I was thinking about going with KnuKoncepts (not the Copper Clad Aluminum ****), which I hear is a pretty good wire and way...
  5. carlosg_313

    SOLD Memphis 16-xo2 crossover

    got a memphis crossover, had it for a year. got it from a friend that had it hooked up to his old set up. cosmetic is 8/10. missing only 3 screws, but i believe it can be replace. asking for $65 shipped obo. need money asap. will do paypal only. and sorry that i did it for down south bass...