What is the best sub on the market?

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What is the best sub on the market? I kno little to nothing except that i want GOOD BASS. i kno that there are a lot of factors to concider also but i am looking for either 12 or 15 inchers. I also want it to be reliable and long lasting. As far as money around 500 or so for a complete system would be nice too. With the sub u recomend please also match it up with an amp. I was looking into KICKER S15L74, anyone have one what do you think of it? Waht amp should power it? Or also the S12L72?


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Kicker L7 is a good choice, but I know many people here will beg to differ... I have a 15" L7 in my trunk now and it thows MAJOR, headturning (yes, including people INSIDE buildings!) bass off of my little Clarion amp. If you have a Cherokee or a Grand Cherokee, put in a single 15" L7 with the proper power via any decent amp to the specs of the woofer, whatever they are. It will be more than you could ask for. As for an ampifier... There are alot of them that would work well out there, just ask some of these guys. Not much of an amplifier guru here...


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Well there is no specific "Best" subwoofer but there are plenty of high end stuff out there.... Just take a look around some of the threads in this forum. Research alot before making you final purchase.


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No if, and, or, buts the JL W7, LOL

Beyond Audio was badass because you could have subs custom made to your liking in so many different ways, to bad Dons not making subs anymore.

I have always been partial to the Image Dynamics Idq subs, they dont get overly loud (as if there is such a thing) but put out crisp, clean bass.


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for sq or spl? You can't really have a best sub. the best sub isn't avaliable to the public. Its probably like a 30" Inch sub that some guy had specifically custom built by a group of professionals. I forgot the company name (they also make phone products too), but the most expensive sub I've ever seen cost 25,000 dollars. It was very odd looking and about 5 feet in height. I assume it is mainly for SQ...

Anyone know the most dB's ever reached by a sub, or some other producer of sound?


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the best system you can get for 500 dollars is probably one eD K or one shiva (from what ive heard the K is better) an amp (any good brand would do) and a pioneer/alpine/clarion head unit. there are other options that you might want to look into though.

However thats no way near the best system out there...its just the best you can afford, try increasing your budget if you want some better stuff...lots of people here spend around 1,000 dollars for some really good systems.

kickers and jl are overpriced...


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There are many different kinds of sub brands and sizes. There are better subs for one's application, whether thats a pure SQ setup, "SQL" or SPL setup. That's why there's not a "best sub". That would only exist if everyone had the exact same goals.

The diversity in this sport /industry is what makes it so sweet //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/biggrin.gif.d71a5d36fcbab170f2364c9f2e3946cb.gif


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I don't like the word "best", try "some of the best"...//content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

From my knowlege, "some of the best" companies that make subwoofers are:

  • Eclipse I suppose--maybe for the $
  • Dynaudio, but expensive
  • Elemental Design; although I have been hearing that the "k series" isn't to impressive
  • Image Dynamics
  • Focal
  • OZ Audio
  • Onyx--where they heck can you find them though??
  • JL Audio, if you want to get riped.....lol
  • Resonant Engineering
  • .......and more

Do some research, what a minute you are, anywise, keep in mind that some of these companies have the "not so fanatic bargine subs", but there higher end models ones are much different, i'm sure you know that.


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Well there is no specific "Best" subwoofer but there are plenty of high end stuff out there.... Just take a look around some of the threads in this forum. Research alot before making you final purchase.
I totally agree. I think if there was a "best" sub, everyone that could afford it would have it. And that would ****.

Can you imagine searching the yellow pages for a car audio shop, and surfing the net only to find out that they were all "Hurricane Audio" dealers, and they didn't sell anything else?

I personally have a great deal of respect for RE, ED, and SI, but I'm sick of hearing about them. This forum makes it seem like these are the only subs available that sound good.

Every other day you see:

RE vs. ED

Magnum vs. XXX

ED A series vs. D2

RE vs. ED vs. Magnum d2's

vs. vs. vs. vs.

There ARE other alternatives. And the "best sub" is the one that suits YOU best. The one that will fit in the space you have available, the one that you can afford to power, the one that sounds "good" for your taste in music. If you put the oh so highly praised Magnum D2's or XXX's in an undersized box bcuz you don't have the space, and you don't have the power for them, than they won't perform to their full potential. And can likely have their asses kicked by some subs perfectly suited for your space and power available.

Think about that bruh.

Whew...I've been holding that back for a while now,lol.


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Personally I think it all depends on your application, I mean if you want sq, SPL, low low frequencies "tighter" response. It's all in what you personally will like I have friends who swear by 12's cause there tighter. I personally Like 15's for the low low frequencies. Personal Reccomendations are Eclipse Ti's for a good mix of spl and sq which only require low wattage but your looking at a $375 Cost plus $25 shipping and it takes a min of 6 cubes and $750w RMS But they are very durable i was pushing 2500watts to one for several months and it never killed the sub. It did rip the surround from over excoursion . OR an aluminum for SQ mainly but still has spl and very low wattage. only like 500rms. Or something like the H2 orion for a good mix of both especially spl and only requres like 3 cubes of space Havoc06 swears by em. But also takes 2000wRMS which your looking at a lot in an amp to push em. IT's all in what you want , kinda one of those things if you don't know then your gonna have to experiment. Also loudness is very relative to your vehicle type So try and design your system for your vehicle to.

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