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I ran a 15" first gen. Inhuman, then had it reconed to a dual soft mirror spider 18". //

Seen here:


Power came via this:



The Inhumans were such a good idea. Totally customizable subs for whatever your application was. Unfortunately, problems at the border just made it too much of a hassle.

He's got 3 18's for sale, to clear out the remaining motors. I'd definitely recommend to anyone to try the dual soft mirror spider setup, with the aluminum coil. Very clean, accurate, and will get LOUD as hell. If you have anymore questions, LMK. I know quite a bit about the Inhumans. //

I have heard alot about these subs recently I know they are no longer made but does anyone have any photos of them or can tell me how they hit etc or have any for sale? lol They look insanely diesel
Pretty freakin' loud. From a 9515 ---> Inhuman direct drop in, it sounded (keyword here, sounded ) louder to me.

- Steve

Agreed ^

My first gen, dual soft spider, copper coiled Inhuman sounded better(warm, clean sounding) than the 9515d I tried in the same box, and SOUNDED louder.

Never metered the difference unfortunately //

The reason I'm asking is I'm currently running a h2 but want to try and find the best sub i can fit in a small enclosre as in a single cab truck for spl / with preferabbly some sq. But I cant fit anything bigger then 1 15"

Guys think this would fit the bill the biggest box i could fit so far was 6 cubic feet for an eclipse titanium.

If you want small box loudness, make a good box for the H2 and you'll be set.

3cubes net(remember this sub takes up .48cubes //, 40sq" of port tuned to 30hz.

thanks drjjg. I know this might sound stupid but it's the only think i've never been able to do with a vehicle. ... build a good box. Any specific way you have to make the port on a box like that? L shaped and does the amount of small ports work better then one big etc.?

If anyone can give me help please just msg me !!

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