What Battery(s) Do I Need?


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Mar 1, 2015
New York
So I was getting a deal on the equivalent of two XS D3100s for $175 each, but he just backed off.

Vehicle is a 2000 Infiniti G20, with room (without moving ****) for a 24(F). Current battery is some non-deep cycle with 675 CCA (New York), I don't know much else. Alt is a stock 90a.

I'm looking to get two batteries, one under the hood and one in the trunk. I've already got my isolator mounted. At the moment, I'm trying to avoid upgrading my alt, until I've got the cash, and am sure I can fit a new one. I can fit a 31 under my hood if necessary, by moving my fuse block.

System going in is two Sundown SA-15s (dual-4ohm) ran at 1ohm on a Soundstream TA1.2000D.

I'd prefer to keep the cost of the two batteries to about $400, if possible. I don't know how much power is necessary for this. I've already ran 1 gauge through my car for the setup.

If it helps, I can get 20% off of the brands Optima and Bosch. But I've heard that Optima is ****, and no clue about Bosch.

I appreciate any replies I can get, thanks guys.

Edit: I found a 180a alt for $220 online. I wouldn't mind extending my budget to purchase that.

Or if it can wait a few weeks, I'll purchase it with my door speakers and such.

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