Subwoofer specs question about sensitivity

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Jun 16, 2021
kansas city, mo.

I am new to forum, not to forum environment though.

I am in the process of gathering data about the subwoofer i bought. In order to crwate the most effective enclosure for it as possible..

In looking going back over the specs/ detailed info for the subwoofer. I noticed a spec that i dont seem to understand fully.

This is my first time. Using small theile pramaters to design an enclosure and my first time using a DVC subwoofer

Per the title im not immediately certain brand and model. Etc. Are needed as the question is about the terminology used and what it means. Because until just now. Ive not yet encountered this with any svc. Subwoofer

But here are the details just incase

Subwoofer info
Brand: Polk audio
Model line: Mobile Monitor /marine certified
Model #: MM1240UM DVC
Type: dual 4ohm 2inch diameter voicecoils

RMS: 425w

****the way they describe the SENSITIVITY specification IS what im inquiring about. It is BOLD AND italised and Listed directly below this.

88db/SERIES @2.83v/1 meter.

What is the purpose or reason for specifying SERIESin relation to its sensitivity.

My initial couple thoughts are these

88/series. = 88db WHEN wired in series which would present an 8ohm load. At amp.


It depends on how its wired up. And series is used not as THE method f how its wired to amp but rather WHAT WIRING STYLE (SERIES) IS used. Series or parallel. Maybe.?

The same sub. In the SVC has a sensitivity of 92db and DOES NOT include the "/series" notation.

Any advice insight info and clarifucation in understanding this. And answering this question is greatly appreciated in advance.


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Sep 10, 2009
Central Maine
Any advice insight info and clarifucation in understanding this. And answering this question is greatly appreciated in advance.
Sensitivity is a calculated not measured spec and virtually worthless for the purposes of subwoofers. That and Bl specs will change depending whether you wire series or parallel but it won't make any real-world difference as far as performance and the box you need provided your amp is designed to drive whatever final impedance load you use.

For practical purposes the only numbers you really need to predict response in box are Fs, Qts, and Vas. Don't get so hung up on that.
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