Stock door speakers with two 10's?


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Dec 29, 2014
Hey guys this is my first post on here...Ive got a few questions I'm hoping yall can answer. I'm going to put two JL 10Wv3 subs powered by a Kenwood excelon x500-1 amp in my truck tomorrow and was wondering if I'm gonna need to upgrade my door speakers also or will the stock door speakers sound alright with these subs? My second question is if I do get new door speakers can my amp power the subs and door speakers or do I need another amp for the door speakers? Thanks!



Jan 4, 2012
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You should be alright with the stockers!!! Should you decide to upgrade the door, you will need another amp. A nice 2 channel or 4 channel will work. Check the for sale thread hear. There is lots of used equipment for a great prices



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Feb 5, 2013
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Once you get subs, you can put a high pass filter to filter out subwoofer frequencies going to your door speakers, this greatly increases the power handling of the factory speakers. Then you can put an amp on your factory speakers and they will sound a lot better.


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