Static/Fuzz Coming From ONE Speaker

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Hey All,

Having troubles pinpointing where my issue is coming from. Any help would be appreciated.

I have 4 speakers, 1 in each door. They are all wired to the trunk connecting into an amp. That amp obviously runs forward and plugs into my aftermarket head unit. In addition, I have another amp in the trunk connected to 2 subwoofers, and obviously also running forward to the head unit. That's basically my set up. I had the subs and that amp in a previous vehicle, no problems with this set. It is the door speakers that have a problem, and only one of them to be exact.

My passenger door speaker is producing a fuzz/static when the amp is turned on. Turn the radio off, the amp in response also turns off, the fuzz is gone because all speakers are off. As soon as the speaker amp turns back on with the radio though, I hear this fuzz. NO MUSIC plays out of this one speaker. The other 3 speakers work just fine, sound great. But this one speaker just plays a level-volume fuzz, with no music. Also, to note, the speaker is sometimes fuzzing, sometimes is working just fine. I've had the luck of slamming the brakes hard or jerking the steering wheel, and SOMETIMES that actually makes the fuzz go away and the speaker is working again. Almost like a barely loose wire gets put back into place when I jerk the car around? But this is not a reliable solution, I just know it has worked a few times. Tried it this morning multiple times on my way to work and it didn't work once. It's a luck of the draw. But that almost makes me think there is just a loose wire, rather than a short or something wrong with the current....

Very important to note as well, when the fuzz is happening through this speaker, I can hear the car accelerating (I think the sound of the alternator? almost like a blowing wind, winding up?), as well as any electric currents running through the car, I can hear them all through this speaker. Example other than the acceleration: the blinker - if it's on, I hear the pop through the fuzz.

Where do I start? What could be wrong? Please provide any help, and as much details as possible. This is driving me nuts, and I don't want to rip apart my whole interior if I don't have to.

Thanks all.

Swap rca's, does the fuzz switch sides? If not swap speaker wires, see if the fuzz switches sides. Report back
To elaborate:

Swap front L/R RCAs going into the amp. If the fuzz follows the RCAs (i.e. changes speakers) then suspect a problem between headunit and amp (probably the "bad" RCA, but could be LOC connection if you have one).

If problem does NOT follow the RCA swap (i.e. stays in the passenger speaker after swapping front L/R RCAs), then suspect a problem with amp, speaker wire, or speaker (look for a wire strand shorting at amp terminal or speaker terminals.)

Also, if problem does NOT follow the RCAs, then swapping speaker wires at amp terminal outputs will tell you if problem is internal to amp, or in the speaker or speaker wire to passenger door.

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