1. ScionXDGuy2008

    Speaker Fuzz Issue

    The factory stereo in my 2008 Scion XD used to sound very clear, and I thought it was a pretty decent system. I mainly used the proprietary iPod cable to play my music, and it sounded great. Then one day some of the songs started to sound very low quality – cymbals very distorted, all piercing...
  2. L

    Static/Fuzz Coming From ONE Speaker

    Hey All, Having troubles pinpointing where my issue is coming from. Any help would be appreciated. I have 4 speakers, 1 in each door. They are all wired to the trunk connecting into an amp. That amp obviously runs forward and plugs into my aftermarket head unit. In addition, I have another amp...
  3. B

    Help: Static on left channel after comp. install

    I just installed PVI-269 MB Quart components and a RAB-250 MB Quart amp last night. I have a kenwood KDC-MP538U deck. After I got every thing all wired and mounted, I put the negative back on and turned on the car and deck. The Green power light came on for the amp and the red indicator light...