static speakers

  1. Ewee1991

    Major static and engine noises in all speakers

    Alright y’all I have a aftermarket system with head unit with sound stream amp and 1 12 inch sub along with the shitty bose amp that came with truck that you can’t replace in my 2015 Silverado for 4 years now and ran good and all of a sudden I have major static and engine noises and weird noises...
  2. A

    Speaker static with amplifier noise increases with volume

    Hello all! I recently upgraded to a 4 channel amp. I had made a posting asking about what amps would well suit my needs, after alot of research I settled on the nvx jad 800.4. Amp came in I installed it with a 4 guage kicker wiring kit and a pair of 4 channel nvx rca cables. Got it all hooked...
  3. M

    Static noise with 4 channel amp.

    Hello everyone, I recently installed a 4 channel amp along with 4 speakers in my car. I had previously installed a mono channel with 2 subs and that worked perfectly, however when I installed the 4 channel amp I can hear a, sometimes small, sometimes noticeable, static sound. Also at times the...
  4. L

    Static/Fuzz Coming From ONE Speaker

    Hey All, Having troubles pinpointing where my issue is coming from. Any help would be appreciated. I have 4 speakers, 1 in each door. They are all wired to the trunk connecting into an amp. That amp obviously runs forward and plugs into my aftermarket head unit. In addition, I have another amp...
  5. Falloutkid90

    Static noise from speakers and front speakers popping/clipping after the amp install?

    So I've been running a set of kicker ks series speakers and two kicker comps. I've had a kicker zx350.4 amp I've been wanting to install but havent had the chance. I wired everything up fine (two distribuition blocks, 4 and 8 ga wire, rcas', ect.) Both amps power on fine when I turn on my radio...