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Have a 2016 sierra cc with Bose I want up grade all speakers so in the front should I go component and remove dash speaker and put a tweeter or leave the dash speakers alone and just replace doors. Will be adding an amp later. Any other ideas speaker brand I have a few in in mind I just want a setup where my music will sound nice and clear kind of like a surround sound at home


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Spend the money you were going to spend on the rears on the front. Placing the tweeter on the dash can work well. Cdt might have a wide band unity 8 2inch that would fit nicely there as well.

Alpine makes goods sets the type r and higher, the dd c class is decent as is the a class, CDT has some nice sets, image dynamics xs class is very nice. Audiofrog has some very nice options just more expensive. The Memphis mclass is nice but not my first option.

For just a drop in set the alpine is nice both the pro and none pro versions.

Proper door treatments: sealing as much as possible and deadening the doors, solid mounting surface not a plastic spacer or straight to bare metal, a seal for the speaker mount to door panel, and possibly some absorption treatment black hole tiles are somewhat popular but expensive.

Door treatments make a major difference
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