Sound Solutions Kingston, PA


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Nov 12, 2007
Clarks Summit, PA
I had a set of 6.5 Alpine Type-R Comps, an Alpine MRP-F550 amp and a JLw1 sub installed in my 2006 Saab 9-3. I drove 40 miles south to this place because they give me a good vibe when i first visited them and inquired about doing in install in my car. I'm extremely uptight about my car so i made sure i had full confidence in the place where i was getting the install. They were honest, fair, no real deal cutting but not over priced either and did a clean install. I plan on taking my car back in a few weeks and having a clean sweep, a 2 channel amp for my sub, and a pair of 6x9's installed.

Brands Carried (off the top of my head)

JL Audio



Boston Acoustic






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Oct 18, 2004
Scranton, PA
Sound Solutions does AMAZING work, however they IMHO are a bit overpriced but thats just because I'm used to internet brands and stuff.. All of their sales people are very knowledgable and friendly, and their shop. I stopped in one day looking for a Double Din kit for my 2004 grand prix, and ended up talking to the owner for about 45 minutes..Plus, twice a year they join with Jack williams next door and have a decent car show.

Another thing, it's the best smelling shop i've ever been in!



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Feb 29, 2008
a house
I thought they were a little expensive, buit at least they weren't cartunes in W/B, that place is messed up.



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Dec 31, 2008
wilkes-barre pa
I will never go to another place besides Sound Solutions. Dave is a great guy and helped me out a lot. I bought my sub box there and the ones they sold weren't tuned good enough for my subs so he custom built one for me for no extra price and to match my cars interior. My friends invested over 1,500 there for all his car audio and if anything ever blows they replace it for free. The more I go there the more I want to go back.



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Nov 2, 2009
Falls, PA
Well, with a few years of installing under my belt, I moved to PA, and went to work for Dave at Sound Solutions. After the way he prefers remote start alarms wired, (strip, twist and tape.... no solder and no heat shrink) I can say I would never take any car without full coverage insurance to them.


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