Radio goes off at high volume

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Hey guys, I just installed a new Kenwood Bt778Hd head unit in my 1993 Trans Am. When the car is in accessory mode and not running, I can turn the volume up as loud as I want with no issue. However, when the car is running, If i play it too loud , after a minute or 2, all audio will go off but the head unit stays on and it says my bluetooth is still playing. I had the same problem with my old head unit. I tried running a brand new higher guage power wire but that made no difference. I have 2 speakers on each rear channel and 1 speaker on each front. I am not entirely sure as to what speakers are in the car, but i dont think thats the problem due to the fact that it works perfectly with the car on accessory mode.
The radio can not handle the lower resistance load so it shuts down. When the car is on, the radio/amp gets a higher voltage so it plays harder leading to higher heat output. Try using only one speaker per channel. If it works, awesome.
Well i tried that and it did not work sadly
Before turning system on, identify which wires have constant 12 volts and flag them. With system on, volume down, identify remote wire and flag it. Car on system on, jam out until system failure as before. Test remote wire and constant wire for power. If both still have power, then amp is activating protect mode for x reason. That is a thing. A local is selling an Phoenix Gold amp that works fine but shuts off when the car is on, just like yours. If this is your issue, then amp replacement may be next, or rewire speakers directly to the radio.
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