Playing around trying to split factory sub signal.

Rennos151 Newbie
Aug 10, 2020
Hello all. I have a 2009 Murano SL with the Bose and Nav system. I recently had to go to a pull it yard for some things and just for the fun of it I grabbed the spare tire sub unit out of the Murano at the yard. I swapped it with mine at home and checked to make sure it worked. It did.
To play around I thought I would tap the wires that feed the subwoofer amp for the spare tire unit and wire in the second sub unit. I made sure to double and triple check to have the correct wires matching.
I plugged in the input to the sub unit and only one actually turned on.
I believe that tapping into the input might not allow enough power for the second unit and am wondering if running a line with fuse to battery might give it its own 12v power so that it may work.
I could be completely wrong and there may be no way to do any of this, I can not find any info on simply splitting the main amp low pass signal to a sub unit to add a secondary sub unit. Any info would be great.


Nov 6, 2013
If I was wiring for an additional subwoofer, I would have tapped into the existing amplifier outputs, instead of the inputs. Specifically the speaker outputs, probably using a y-adapter to spilt the speaker signals. If the second sub was not loud enough, I would have considered an inexpensive amplifier to drive the new sub? Without seeing your setup, it's difficult to diagnose what your problem may be. Just an observation. Let us know how you solved your problem.
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