Pioneer HU installed and working completely fine, all of a sudden craps out, any help?

tydude2641 Newbie
Apr 18, 2019
So, it's a hand me down car that had a sub with secondary amp installed in the trunk and a pioneer head unit at the front. I was given the car and it all worked fine but now it won't play audio through the speakers, only through the sub and then the head unit shows amp error. I didn't install it, and don't know where to start to diagnose it or fix it.



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May 1, 2007
Quad Cities, IL
Sounds like a classic issue of a short in the speaker wiring.  Remove the head unit and inspect every connection - they will likely need to be re-done.  If you still have an issue after that, then you look at the speaker connections themselves and insulate/inspect for shorts.  if any bare copper wire is visible anywhere, it needs to be taped up (3M electrical tape, i use Super 33+).


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