Pathfinder Sound System

ARS1218 Newbie
Jan 2, 2021
New York City
Hi everyone, so I have a 97 Pathfinder with factory premium sound system. It’s a Bose.

Two rear speakers powered by an amp in the trunk and two fronts each have their own amp. I installed a pioneer avh 2250 nex. I also put new kicker 3/4in tweeters in. Old ones were blown. I also used the pac wiring harness with the square box to incorporate the original Bose system amps.

Did the installations myself and everything went fine with installations and all speakers are working good. I adjusted the 13 band equalizer starting with all flat. The sound I got in the end was good and there is no distortion or any odd sounds. However, I was told by two individuals that the settings I made on the eq is too much and could damage my speakers?

Anyone if possible could advise me on this. I dont have too much knowledge when it comes to the adjustments of sound systems. I did a lot of reading on the bands to gain a better understanding before I went about adjusting.

I'm posting some pics of what ive done with the system and the settings.

Thanks in advance!


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