Odd shaped midbass pods?


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So I finally started working on my door pods and ran into a bit of an issue. I was originally planning on roughly an 8" square with a 4" radius on the bottom corner, about 7 inches deep. I would have to cut the door panel and the enclosure would sit inside the door a few inches, but everything would mostly fit.

Here's the issue, I was measuring on the passenger door. The drivers door has some extra crap in that area both on the door panel and behind the door skin, and none of it is easy to move.

I know odd shaped enclosures can work, but with the space I have I'm not sure if it's going to work. I've got the full width of the door(something like 30 inches), and about a 7inch circle if I hug the hinge area. Now the real space limits are depth and height. I can only go 5 inches up from the base of the door, and I only have a total of 6 inches of depth. It's alot of space, but it's basically a shallow rectangle with a nutsack on it, lol.

I'll either be running Anarchy's or hertz ML 1650.3's. I was aiming for about .25 sealed. I can get almost double that by using the whole available space, but I'm not sure how the lopsided enclosure would affect anything.

Anyone have any thoughts? The enclosure will be mounted to the door frame and skin with some L brackets, nutserts, and rubber strips for some isolation.


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