Newbie Needs Help with Pioneer AVH-1550NEX

brunson67 Newbie
May 7, 2021

I just joined, thank you!

Last year I purchased a Pioneer AVH-1550NEX deck and installed it in my Motorhome to replace an older Pioneer deck. Simple installation, plug and Play. Everything was fine for a few months, then the deck started acting up, no sound out of speakers intermittently, then all of a sudden no sound at all. The motorhome does have two amps, one runs outside speakers, one runs inside speakers, two 6x9's, two 6 1/2's. I contacted Pioneer and I sent it to their Stanton Facility for repair. It came back saying it needed update 8.12, so installed it and it sounded great, but most of the functions, such as the equalizer, fade, balance, etc, were locked. I played and played with it to no avail. I sent it back again, and just now got it back, plugged it, and no sound out of speakers, and functions still locked. Packing slip said replaced AV. Am I missing something, or doing something wrong, or is it just a bad deck?

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