New Rockford Fosgate T1's are BEAST!


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Oct 4, 2011
I work at a car audio shop. the 2010/2011 Power T1 subs are insane. 12" 800RMS. In a big slot ported box with more than enough power they are crazy loud.

Power rating is very, very conservative. On 1000RMS it barely tickles it, even after extended periods. The voice coil cooling is absolutely superb, which attributes to the high thermal power handling. The whole cone is a heatsink, not to mention the other finned heatsink on the front side of the magnet, as well as being well ventiliated.

Other guy I work with ordered two of the 12s, and one ended up being defective, just making a little noise in the voice coil. In order to get the serial number to RMA it, you have to cut the cone out of the sub, in other words destroy it.

So before we did that, we decided to WALL SOCKET IT, yess always fun. Well, try to anyways. Plugged it in 120v AC, and off she went, crazy excursion. It was going nuts for 5 minutes straight, and wouldn't stop. But we had to stop, so we gave up. The worst it did was a little bit of smoke.

Moral: the new Rockford Fosgate Power subs are bulletproof.

Anybody else have the joy of having one?


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Jul 15, 2011
Lol, brand-*****, this is a terrible first post.

but i will agree the new t1 ( only 8 months late) is a well rounded woofer i installed 2 12s in a customers alero on a fosgate t15001bd and it was a lot louder, and sounded better than i expected.

part of this is because of there vast surround, and the cone has more surface area, than your average 12


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Feb 3, 2009
upstate ny
the part about cant afford nice rf made me //



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Jan 2, 2011
Modesto, Nor Cal
Really? Your joking right. Have you ever heard anything from DC, FI, SSA, DD? If not please dont make a fool of yourself.
Really, I was thinking the same thing ^^^^^^ Also, doesn't this guy sound like he's trying to advertise Rockford while trying to be "real"? Idk just seems weird...



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May 17, 2010
Tahoka TX
Rockford is trying, the Power amps are hot. They still have some work to do with the subs
They aren't trying, they're doing. The engineer that created the TRF is back from the 90s re-hired by RF. He just re-issued all the P series and is currently developing a new T1, T2 and T3. I expect them to actually be very legit even against the heavyweights of the audio world.


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Mar 15, 2011
st paul, mn
love rockford amps, hate anything punch series. just not familiar with their other lines of subs. Their new T line does seem promising, I will be giving them a try anyway.


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