New headunit wiring help

Mike- Newbie
Apr 5, 2020

The C5 Corvette I have came with a Jap import style double din bag of crap from the 90s, which I’m now trying to swap for a JVC single din. Had hoped this was plug and play as I’ve not touched car audio for about 10 years but no such joy. Hopefully there’s an adaptor or harness pre wired that’s available, but here’s what I’m currently looking at.

This is the wire that is currently in the car that came from the Jap stereo:


This is the wire that was loose in the car so guessing the standard Chevy one:


These are the two ends of the harness that came with the new JVC headunit:


Aaand this is the back of the JVC unit:


Any help appreciated!


Bass junkie
Jan 3, 2019
Would need to know the year corvette and all i do is type the year and make car wire harness on eBay or Amazon and it'll show you the right harness...actually will show you 10 different ones to choose from but all the same.

Mike- Newbie
Apr 5, 2020
Hi, yes thanks I did try that. It’s a 1999, all the wiring harnesses I see have the big boxy end like the one supplied with my headunit, which doesnt currently exist in the car. Like I say it isn’t going from the Chevy unit to aftermarket, it’s going from an older aftermarket unit to a newer one. I’ve chased the existing harness back as far as I can physically see and there doesn’t seem to be an additional plug.

tommydh Elite
Mar 31, 2012
Baltimore, MD
You will need to splice a harness (Metra, Scoshe) to the HU harness. Also will need a GM antenna adapter. the harness from old HU may have the harness spliced on already, if so just cut at the splice and reuse.

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