Never Heard of this Amp; Got it for Free

Jayrey Newbie
Dec 30, 2019
Hey Everyone, so I recently got this amp for a neighbor of mine for free but, I can not seem to find any information about it online. Has anyone ever heard of an XPLORE-XR-3975 ?? If you have tell me everything you know about it.


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Feb 5, 2013
South Coast Metro, CA
its flea market stuff imitating sony explodes. local flea market actually has that exact brand.
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Dec 29, 2001
Lawrence, KS
It's one of the many American Hifi brands that are commonly found on ebay. None of them are good -- although I would not consider them unusable. Xplore, Volfenhag, DHD, American Pro, Performance Teknique to name a few.
Fuses will give you an idea of actual power.
I THINK that's one of the larger ones - so maybe a pair of 30's? That'd be ~500w rms at best. 125x2 at 2. Prob 75-100 at 4. Just guessing of course.
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Dec 11, 2016
Northern California
Yea look at the fuse rating, I once bought a old school looking 200 watt pioneer amp on ebay and when I got it, it had a 5 amp fuse in it, when I took the lid off it, it was basically empty on the inside and had lead weights inside it. I made the seller take the POS back.

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