Need recommendation in Atl area to do install.


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Apr 29, 2009
I'm in the process of purchasing a new system, and have been touring some of the shops in the Atl area. I'm wondering if I end up buying the system pieces online (head unit, speakers, amps) which local shop will do a good job of installing it a reasonable price, and will they half-ass it or overcharge me since I didn 't buy from them.

I like to help the small business owners here, but some of the prices just don't compare. I'd save about $400 on a head unit vs. buying it locally. The install for now will involve a double din unit with i-pod cable and sat antenna, putting 6 1/2" components up front which require them to put the tweeters in the door or the a-pillar, dropping 5x7 replacements in the rear doors, and installing a 4 channel amp under the back seat. I'm considering doing some of the work myself, like the rear speaker and deadening all 4 doors.

Any current recommendations? I don't mind paying a fair install price for quality work that comes with a guarantee. Thanks.



Jan 29, 2009
go to sound deminsions (3334 Stone mt hwy suit E Snellville Ga) Great prices on installs I work there myself and I can say were def a small business and we do installs for half of what other people charge!


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