Need receiver suggestion help.

Nicho197 Newbie
May 27, 2020

Just bought this car. No cd player. I was looking at some receivers i really like this alpine single din cd receiver. Top notch sound. But then i lose navigation, temperature, back up, etc.

I could add a garmin up top or something of the sort.

Or are there double dins that have a cd player but also allow navigation from phone, backup, etc?

Or is it possible to put a cd receiver above this on the dash (this touch screen comes above the dash a little bit) or below the whole console? Only problem with that is the usb plugs would be blocked probably. Maybe could rig something?

Just thinking out loud.

Any help would be great!


Nov 6, 2013
Also thinking out loud: That's a nice looking unit that you already have, and good features. If you must have a CD player, consider a trunk-mounted CD changer. Not sure if they still sell them new. With the flexibility and storage capability allowed by USB flash drives, the CD is quickly going the way of the cassette decks. To answer your other question, there are stereo head units that offer the perks you want: back up, navigation, XM Radio, etc. May have to visit to investigate.
What about steering wheel controls? Do you currently have any that you want to retain?
I've seen guys use USB CD players on youtube. Try this link.
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Nicho197 Newbie
May 27, 2020
Will have to see what brand my receiver is and the quality of the sound from reviews.

Also wondering how the sound is going through a usb into it.

I need to look at steering wheel controls. Never had them before lol.
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