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So im new to car audio, i've been researching and i have general knowledge about car audio. I still questions I would like opinions on. So I currently have nothing set-up in my car besides a double din tv deck (came with the car, and I plan on changing it out with a single din bluetooth head). I also have 2 Brutus 15" BRZ15D4 subs in an enclosed box (Plan on switching to a ported box). NO comp speakers, 6x9's, or amps (Everything else is stock). Im also getting a Clarion EQS746 Equalizer. Dont need anyone bashing my subs, I know their quality from experience, not the best but they're descent. Also plan on getting HO Alternator.

My questions are-

1.What amp for the subs?

2.What kind of Speakers? (Door Speakers & 6x9's)

3.Cap OR Extra Battery OR Both?

No cap. Big 3 kit and maybe a better battery. If I remember those subs can take 500 rms each. So a 1200-1500 rms amp at most this depends on your budget. As far as a alt. that depends on your car year make model and engine ? Any idea stock alt size ?

2005 caddy deville. V-8 Northstar. Im on a $500-$1000 budget. I was thinking about the big 3 upgrade. As far as I know they are 700 rms. At least that's what hifonics says.

I think you'll be fine with 1500 rms and a better battery ,agm, under the hood. Biggest you can fit efficiency in the amp is what you really need to look at brands like sundown. Dc. Mmats and dd are gonna be some of your better options you can get a used 1500 watt rms amp for around 300 or new for maybe 50-100 more the battery. Wi depend on which brand and one. But $200-$$350 for the battery. The big 3 will again depend on what gauge .i recommend 0 gauge , but ofc or cca will determine the cost here. You will want 0 gauge wire as well for the amp Hope this helps

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