brutus brz15d4

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    Need Help!!

    So im new to car audio, i've been researching and i have general knowledge about car audio. I still questions I would like opinions on. So I currently have nothing set-up in my car besides a double din tv deck (came with the car, and I plan on changing it out with a single din bluetooth head). I...
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    The truth about Hifonics Brutus BRZ15D4

    I'm finally getting back into car audio. I'm starting out on about a $1200 system. Entry Level Head Unit: Alpine 147B Cross Over: Kicker Front Row Sub Amp: Brutus BRX1100.1Mono Block Mid Amp: Brutus BRX320.4 4 channel Highs Amp: Brutus BRX160.2 2 channel Sub Woofers: 2 Brutus BRZ15D4...