amp choice

  1. M

    Amp choice

    I have a kicker L3 10" 2 ohm and was want a good mono amp to match it with or if there is a two channel that would work please let me know any suggestions are appreciated
  2. M

    Kicker l3 10" 2 ohm amp help

    I have a single 10 inch L3 in a box and was wanting to get some amp choices. The speakers rms is 400w so if anyone knows of a mono block or 2 channel that would work well please let me know. Thanks in advance
  3. Eggroll

    $400 amp budget, make me proud

    New here, need amp to start a decent setup for 2013 altima, please surprise me!
  4. 08STANG91

    Help with a setup

    I know this has probably been asked thousands of times, and everyone has their own opinions. I have a 2008 mustang GT, my current setup is an older MTX sub that was given to me, and a bass inferno amp, running to the stock head unit. So I've been trying to do some research on my own and I...
  5. H

    Amp went out need new Amp - NOVICE need advice

    I will post my setup below, but the fact is my amp went out and I'm feeling very low because it. I've tried asking friends but they keep telling me different things. I'm on a low budget $100-150 range. It has to fit in a 2005 Silverado single cab. The amp I had before was only 2inches wide so it...
  6. D

    Need Help!!

    So im new to car audio, i've been researching and i have general knowledge about car audio. I still questions I would like opinions on. So I currently have nothing set-up in my car besides a double din tv deck (came with the car, and I plan on changing it out with a single din bluetooth head). I...
  7. Only The Best

    amp choice for 4"

    I was fighting with myself on which speaker to get and found out that for my installment of speakers in the dash of my truck where it OEM fits 3.5" im going to cut the hole out a little bit to fit in a 4" driver... so this is what I ended up with Tang Band W4-1720 4" Underhung Midbass Driver...
  8. Only The Best

    possible destruction of fosgate amp??

    im just wondering that if i got a 4 channel p400.4 (200rms bridged/50rms@4ohm/100rms@2ohm) and i bridged two 110 rms 5 way kenwoods with two 2way fusion 100rms (both 6x9 and 4 ohms) and then i put two 500 rms (supposedly) audiophile supertweeters on the other 2 channels @ 4 ohms, would it...
  9. Only The Best

    AMP CHOICE?? or amps?

    ok so i just built a new fiberglass box that is molded to the roof of my dodge ram 1500 2005 and it has 2 100 rms 6x9's, 2 500rms (supposedly) audiofile supertweeters, and 1 8 inch kicker cvt sub. i am wanting to maybe include the 2 5 way kenwood 110 rms 6x9s in the front in the mix. i have an...
  10. B

    Which amp would you get?

    I have a choice between the 1st edition Hifonics Colossus, the Colossus II 20th edition, old school U.S. amp 2000, new Memphis 4000 or Kicker zx2500.1, which one would you get to run 2 team Rockford 12's?
  11. T

    What amp should I buy?

    I wanna mono block amp around 2000 watts for under 350$
  12. E

    Need help

    hi i have a new jeep liberty with standart options and with steering wheel controls. i am now looking to improve my car audio but i dont know what to buy!!! the dvd reciver is the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD with Pioneer CD-IU200V fo ipod conection, Pioneer CD-BTB200 for bluetooth connection and PAC...
  13. Roberto Palofox

    2 amps or 1 big amp! please help

    hey im new to this site and i need help. i have 4 12'' hifonics brutus sqaures i bought and i need to know which route i should go on as far as the amp/amps. this is my first system i build from the ground up. the subs are DVC 4 ohm 600watt rms 1200watt peak and they will be in a custom box...
  14. N

    New to car audio need to know if these items work well together

    Ok so I own a 2011 dodge ram 1500. It came with a factory head unit and factory alpine speaker system. I'm keeping the whole system and just adding these items to get it thumping. But I'm not sure what to get. So I did some research and this is what I came up with.... One 2600 soundstream...
  15. M

    Good quality cheap amp(s) to power 2 SSA xcon 12's

    hey i am building a system for my mkz and picked out two xcon 12's i now need a amp(s) to power them im not trying to spend over 400 for the amps i was looking into hifonics, audiopipe and spl. the subs run on 1750w rms each the SSA tech told me i can run them at 2000w rms each so im looking for...