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I am new to the forum and looking for help. I have upgraded the sound system in my RAM 3500 and am having problems getting the best quality sound from my amp. I am using the head units 4 channel speaker outputs to drive an Audiocontrol LC6i. Using the LC6i's internal channel summing I get 6 preamp outputs 2 front, 2 rear and 2 the summation of front and rear. These 6 preamp outputs drive my 6 channel Nakamichi NKTA75.6 amp. I have 2 powered subwoofers tapped into the LC6i so I can drive 3 sets of 4-way speakers from the Nakamichi. I get a ton of sound from the setup, however there are setting on the amp that most likely are not optimized for the 4-way speakers. Can someone help me with how to set the HPF, LPF, crossovers, etc for the 6 channels? A pic of the input side of the amp is included. Thanks in advance.


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Thanks in advance.
For the 4 way speakers, there should be no x-over settings. They should have a built in x-over, so it is best they get the full spectrum. As for the powered subs, if they have a built on x-over, use that one instead of the one on the LC6i. So set the LC6i x-over to the off position.
The powered subs could be set between 80-100 Hz. Up to you depending on which setting blends best with the front.

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Thanks for the info. So on the amp there are 3 crossover switches with various settings. There is no off, do I turn them to "FULL"? The users guide does not discuss any of this, just what the switches are for and not how to use them. So maybe bass boost to "0", crossover to "FULL". This will require a lot of playing around.

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Thanks for the info, made the setting changes and that did the trick. Toyed with the amp gain to get the amplitude balanced out, then tweaked things using the head units fader. Appreciate the help.
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