Need help with a Hi/Low converter

colebone Newbie
I have a 2016 Impala LT and adding 2 subs and 2 amps in the trunk. Both amps are 1 channel amps but I was told that I need a HI/low converter to hook up to my factory head unit. Problem is all the converters I see are either 2 channel or 4 channel so question is can I make a 2 channel converter work lor so I even need one or can I plug both amps to one?

Kickstand Veteran
Maple Ridge, BC
You can use a 2 channel one and just use RCA Y cables to go from 2 to 4 outputs
Do yourself a favor and get one with a line driver built into it or you amps wont be able to put out the power there are supposed to
Bang for buck the LC line from Audio Control is a good one
The LC1i is $99 and comes with 9 volt pre outs
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