Need Help I am confused!


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Apr 26, 2011
Jordan, mn
ok so this isnt in a car but I installed a car stereo in my camper since it had no radio. the original dual head unit i put in was an old unit that used to be in one of my cars and it worked great. then i went to turn it on one time and got no sound.

so i got a newer deck and installed it, same issue. the speakers are good. I have pretty much come to the conclusion myself but wanted to make sure that what i think it is, is what it actually is.

I want to say its the antenna, would it be possible for an antenna to kill the audio part of a stereo? all my wiring is in good condition, the unit still powers on just fine, just NO sound.



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Dec 15, 2010
Some campers have amplifiers in them to run more than just four speakers because of all the room in them, you might have a factory amp somewhere in there that needs to be turned on....did you hardwire the deck in or find a harness somewhere to fit it?... basically you want to make sure the remote turn on is hooked up to the factory amp turn on if you have a factory amp


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