1. Zackster

    This thing any good?

    It's a Dual XD6150. I just need it to get a rca/remote signal to my amp without using a line-out converter. It's got to be better than my 15 year old stock receiver anyway...
  2. H

    Dual Audio ? Lets talk!

    I sat on my phone yesterday while i was sick as hell doing nothing.... I do my everyday research an get an impulse to start researching cheap audio brands. Not cheap like pioneers cheap crap that they sell or sony or rockford fosgate(just kidding) I started researching Dual Audio. My first 6x9's...
  3. sizzl3r

    Deck turns on, plays no sound anymore

    I was installing a new deck (some cheap Dual from Walmart)into my friends 2001 suburban last night. After I got all of the wires spliced together, I plugged in the deck real quick just to make sure it was working. It played music just fine, and his subs/amp turned on and were working. So I...
  4. P

    Need Help I am confused!

    ok so this isnt in a car but I installed a car stereo in my camper since it had no radio. the original dual head unit i put in was an old unit that used to be in one of my cars and it worked great. then i went to turn it on one time and got no sound. so i got a newer deck and installed it...
  5. M

    finally got the subwoofer... now time for an amp.... any suggestions??

    after 2 days of constantly asking questions and snooping around i finally purchased the Alpine SWX-1243D Dual 4 Ohm 1000w RMS Subwoofer... i just have this 1 single woofer and am not planning to put in a second... so onto the tricky part.. choosing the amp... i want to be running this sub to its...
  6. N

    Should I keep Solo-barics or go for something different?

    I drive a Cadillac CTS and I have 2 of the 8" L7 Solobarics and a Kicker ZX850.2 2 Channel Amp, I havent bought my box yet tho and now Im really second thinking the solo barics. The 8" are 450w RMS 900w each so I figure that would be plenty of amp for them. Has anybody really heard the 8"...
  7. E

    Ported Enclosure for (2) Kicker L7 15" - Need some ideas please!

    Kicker recommends 3-6 cubic ft per sub. I'm thinking one box to house both subs, and planned on building it at about 10 cubic ft excluding the port. Question 1: Can anyone recommend how many cubic feet to build this box, or does 10 cubic feet sound about right? Question 2: What do you guys...
  8. M

    Volume up, Bass gone!!!!

    Everytime i turn my reciever up my subs stop bassing....it has just now begun to do this i've had them for about 2 years now and they work perfectly. Its just when i turn it up it goes away. I have 2 12 inch dual subs in box and sony amp 1000w.