Axxera Radio USB Music Playback

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Dec 29, 2020
Salisbury, MD
I've a newly installed AVM82NAV Axxera that works fine. But I don't completely understand the way it treats music files on the USB Stick. I first learned that it will play all the common formats, not just .mp3. I tried three folders: two with a single name and one named "Classical Music." The two named folder showed up as "Not Supported." Do I assume that within a folder, a subfolder won't be recognized at all, or it will be recognized if it is a single name?

I direct copied my iTunes library to the USB Flash drive; more than 6,000 individual tracks well organized in a system of folders and subfolders. Before I spend the time to rename EVERYTHING, I'm hoping some forum members can shed a little light on what the radio expects to see.


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Aug 22, 2006
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Different radios can be tricky ...luckily I have access to many radio to play with ..but I've found the same thing as you on usb files some radios read them fine others say not supported ... I tried to help an older guy out several months ago with a new Ford truck ..and everything I tried said not supported ..they all worked fine in my truck aftermarket deck ... and they worked fine in a double din I had put in his 93 Mustang..but nothing would play in his new F150 ...unfortunately I never figured out why ...they also played fine in my factory 2013 Dodge Dart radio ...

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