Mounting 2 pairs of 3-way components in 2008 Tahoe


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Nov 9, 2014
Topeka, KS
So, I am buying 2 pairs of Hertz Mille Pro 3-ways (MPK163.3) My initial thought was to mount both 6.5s and 3s in each door and do 2 tweets in each pillar, mainly because the factory tweets are in the pillars and I can cover up those ugly factory grilles. Upon more research there seems to not be a concensus on whether mounting the mid & tweet apart is a huge issue or not. I would think it would be unappealing to have 2 3s and 2 tweets per pillar.. They are going to be getting full power as im getting 2 ML Power 4 channel amps. Just wanting some general opinions on the 3 way mounting. Never done 2 pairs of 3-ways each side before.

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