1. R

    Seeking help in selecting an Amplifier

    I am having Infinity Reference 6530 cxf (Component) in the front doors and Ref 6532 ix (Coaxials) in the back door. Could you please let me know if amplifier is needed to these speakers.? If yes, kindly suggest a good amplifier which suits these speakers. Note: I need little more bass and...
  2. R

    Memphis coaxials??

    gents, please advise. my car: 2009 ford fusion se (6 speakers with MS sync, which is crap). headunit: replaced with a generic kenwood dpx501bt, which seems like a massive upgrade in SQ with even the stock speakers. so, I've committed to a local dealer for a Memphis Mclass 15-mcx4.75 amp and...
  3. U

    Can Coaxials exist peacefully with tweeters?

    I have Alpine SPE-6000 coaxials installed on all four doors bottom with the factory stock tweeter domes up by the front window pillars. It sounds too harsh. I hear some bass but it seems the sound isn't full. The highs are too harsh and in your face. I am driving them with an Alpine battery pack...
  4. Why So Cereal?

    Help with a SQ Setup

    Ok at the moment i have a autotek at1200 4 channel amp i got for virtually nothing. The SQ *****. I am kind of a "noob" but i was told the signal to noise ratio determines the clarity of the sound... this amp says 95 db in relation to rated power. My 1st choice WAS a JL Audio XD600/6 with a...