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Hey guys, I am new to this forum and to car audio in general so please have patience. I am into home audio and have a very nice system currently, so I know about audio, but have no experience with audio relating to cars.

I currently have a 2010 Mazda 3 with an electrical issue that I cannot seem to get resolved. I have the opportunity to buy a 2004 4runner from my dad for a really low price. the current sound system is truly hard to listen to so I would like to make some changes, but I also don't want to sink a lot of money into it. If I buy it, it will be a temporary situation. I love the truck, but it is the V8 model and with these current gas prices I cannot justify it long term. I would like to keep this under $1,000

I am thinking about adding a sub and a new head unit as the current one is terrible. I am not into "SPL" style systems and tend to prefer "SQ" systems (I don't know if that terminology is used here). currently the speaker system has output down to about 60hz, but the bass/mid bass that is there is one note and boomy. I am thinking that putting in a decent sub would help clean up the speakers sound by relieving them of handling low frequencies. I would love to replace the speakers as well, but don't know how well this could be done within my budget while also taking care of a sub and head unit.

As for the head unit, I would like to have Apple Carplay for the first time. I am considering the Kenwood DMX4707S or the Pioneer DMH-1770NEX. Right off the bat, what are the opinions on these two units and which one would you pick? I really do not like that volume nobs seem to have been phased out. The only units I have found in this price range that have them are from Boss. I know Boss from guitar pedals and Roland amps, but I have read to avoid them in this field. I would ideally like to have it connected to the volume controls on the steering wheel if possible.

The truck currently has an Alpine MRP-F240 amplifier that I assume is powering the speakers (was there when my dad bought it), so I don't need to worry about power from the unit.

Now for the sub. I would like to buy a premade unit and an amp for it. I prefer sealed subs in home audio so I would imagine the same would go for car audio. I don't know anything about car subs, but some of the options I am considering (purely based on price and specs) are the Kenwood Excelon P-XRW1202WB or the Rockford Fosgate Prime R2-2X10. Can anyone tell me anything about these or point me in the direction of something else in the price range.

As for amps I am looking at the Kenwood Excelon X502-1. Once again I know nothing about who makes quality gear for car audio, so this is just something I have seen.

Finally, I have no idea how to actually do any of the work required for something like this, so I may have to factor in the price of having someone do it. I am well versed in home audio as I said, so I am not a dummy to amps and speakers but starting to open up a trucks interior is intimidating to me.

I appreciate any help or suggestions that can be thrown my way!
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