Looking for advice on a motorcycle sound system installation


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Jun 18, 2019
Hi new to the forum and doing these system installs as well and was hoping to get advice on a project i want to tackle. I have a Harley softail i want to add speakers and an amp too and before i get started, i want to make sure i have everything i need to make it work while i have stuff torn apart. 

OK so i bought a 200 amp sound system from these guys from a friend but i wanted to add bluetooth functionality to it. So i went to amazon and purchased this bluetooth adapter with AV cables to hook it up to the amp. I also realized that the power cord for the adapter is a wall plug so i am ordering a DC to USB cord since the amp has an input to charge through USB.

In theory, this set up should work so far (hopefully). Now the last piece that i need to make this thing to have for my needs is a (very) simple way to control the audio from the handle bar. I was looking at picking one of these up and adding it to my set up somehow although i don't know if it will actually work the way that i am hoping it will. Since i will be connecting to the amp through bluetooth, could i possibly connect to the jumbl adapter with an aux cable or bluetooth and make this work? 

I would really appreciate any insight on this especially from some guys who are better with this tech than i am. Thanks!

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