Install kit too opening too big for HU

Ctwith3 Newbie
Feb 19, 2021
Alpine ILX-WS650
I just received my Alpine ILX-W650 head unit for my 2006 Cayenne (I don't have the MOST fiber optic network or the Bose sound system). With the HU I purchased the recommended Metra install kit. My problem is that the opening for the face of the install kit is about 1/8-3/16
" too big In total)along the top and bottom of the HU, and 18" too big on the sides.
I called Crutchfield and they told me that the install kit is universal for my car, and the person on the phone suggested using weatherstripping to fill the gap, but Don't know if that is right, and I can't picture how to do this and make it look good. The guy on the phone at Metra suggested using felt paper, but I've seen felt paper loose it's stickiness/grip after a short period of time.
The guy at Crutchfield states that the size of the Alpine HU is the same as of their stereos. The CDR 23 in my car keeps dying so I need to get this done. What do I do?

Popwarhomie Elite VIP
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Jan 22, 2010
Send it back and get the Scosche or Pioneer kit.

Coolhand20th Elite
Mar 27, 2019
Never had any good luck with Metra kits. Scosche has always been dead on correct. Look at Sonicelectronix for the right one as they should have Scosche in stock or the Scosche website also will give you the correct ones as well so you can then take the numbers to Amazon or eBay or wherever to buy it.

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