Info on digital sound (bass) processor

B.D.K Newbie
Jan 31, 2021
Stock head unit keeping

Pioneer class A tweeters and speakers, 6.5 front doors, 6x9 rear deck

Gm8701 mono pioneer amp

(2) jl audio 12w6v3 subwoofers

Current system but want to add a dsp looking for any information or suggestions on one. Don't wanna spend no more than $80 on 1.

Popwarhomie Elite VIP
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10+ year member
Jan 22, 2010
Don't wanna spend no more than $80 on 1.
Not gonna happen.

Dayton DSP-408 is about a cheap as you are going to get at $160.


Manila Gorilla
Sep 11, 2020
Some may disagree, but imo you don't really need a dsp for a sub. If you are running a factory head, why not just grab the LC2I pro?

hispls Veteran
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Sep 10, 2009
Central Maine
So soundstream, hifonics, audiobank are not good products?
No. Avoid those brands at all costs. NEVER cheap out on signal processing, garbage in/garbage out, you do not want to add weak links upstream in your signal chain.

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