Hey guys. Opinions on my 2 options for best SQ. MOREL SUPREMO 602 6.5" 2-WAY vs focal utopia M 3 Way


CarAudio.com Newbie
May 4, 2020
rhode island
So I been looking into it and I'd like to upgrade, I love my Hertz Mille, but I found 2 great deals on these 2 sets though I've never heard them personally. Both of these are used. I can get the Morel Supremo 602 6.5" 2 way for $2,000. OR I can get the Focal Utopia M 3 way for $3,500. I'm not sure if the higher price is worth the difference, so just wondering what the majority says and I'll consider my options, thanks guys.


Barry Schanz
Jan 3, 2011
Grafton, ND
It's a very poor comparison. Three-way components have undeniable advantages over 2-way sets, especially when it's desired for more than one seat to have great sound.

The new M-profile speakers by Focal truly seem to be the most cutting edge for car audio speakers today. At least they're among very rare company. If you compared 2-way sets my recommendation would be Focal with M-profile speakers.
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