help for a newbie?


Junior Member
Jan 7, 2008
cleveland, oh
hey guys..

i have an '88 honda crx that i LOVE to death. it's stock but i still love it.

anyway. it has the original radio/speakers. only one speaker is working and the radio is SH*T, so I just want new speakers and a new radio. no amps, no subs...justs speakers..

i've been reading the local reviews and no place really seems like it comes with high marks in the cleveland area.

so the questions are..

should i buy my own speakers/radio and have someone else install it? if so, who?


should i take it someplace and have someone sell me something AND install it?...if so, who?

i heard it's not hard to do yourself but its COLD man...and i don't know how much longer i can deal with this crappy speaker...!

thx much,



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