Head units with good audio signal


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Aug 20, 2019
How can I tell what head units have a good audio signal? There are so many units out there and some have horrible signals and some good but is there a way find out which provide a good signal?
Starting my buget sq build soon and I'm stuck on what head unit to get. I want a dbl din with a good signal and tripple pre-outs. I'll be using a 3sixty3 processor also. Budget about $500 for head unit.

My old build I used a Kenwood single din KMM-BT305 which has a pretty good signal but I want a double din and a better signal if possible.


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Sep 10, 2009
Central Maine
Pretty much anything in production with 4V or greater pre-out voltage in the 350$ and up price range that isn't some gutter brand like Boss should be fine. Sony, Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer are all trustworthy, I think JVC is basically just re-badged Kenwood.... just stay a couple few tiers above their entry level.

That said, if you need DSP, and time alignment and similar in the HU you're going to have a very short list in double DIN.
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