GPS Bus Station Auto-Announce System & GPS Bus On-board Information Advertise


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Brief introduction:

GPS bus station auto announce system is based on GPS

One hardware device (Microsoft Windows CE5.0 operating system) supports auto announce bus station name

Manage bus and drivers information system

Supports any size advertise display LCD

The system makes it very easy for system integrators to mount and install the equipment in all kinds of buses

Main features:

On-board display

Video message


Audio message

Picture message

Scrolling news or custom message

Route name of the bus

Next station name with time/distance all in one as well it will display full screen station arrival information with audio announcement


Operating system: Microsoft Windows CE5.0

CPU: S3C2440A (ARM9)

Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi (optional), DVB-T (optional), camera (optional), USB connector, SD slot

Auto play bus station name, detect bus station

Supports English/Chinese/customized languages

Supports update firmware through SD card

Anycom Co., Ltd.

Email: [email protected]

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