1. E

    New Head Unit help 2011 Range Rover

    Wanting to upgrade the very outdated factory double din head unit in my Range Rover. Looking for suggestions that will pair well with the factory speakers. looking for either a double din to replace current or replace the CD player with a unit that motorized out into a double din. features...
  2. M

    Extension cable for Pioneer AppRadio 4 (GPS)

    Hi all... I am looking for an extension cable for this plug: This is where it plugs in to: I have looked all over the place and the closest i found was the FAKRA connection... but it doesn't look 100% correct. Does such a cable exist? I am contemplating just buying another...
  3. J

    Onstar GPS signal Issue

    Kind of a long shot here. But I have a 2012 Cruze LS and about a year after I bought it (new) onstar people started telling me they couldn't locate my car to give me gps directions. they had the guy reset my system and try to reconnect but cant locate my car and they tell me the issue has to be...
  4. K

    Looking for GPS Tracker for my car

    Hello Everybody,   I want to track my newly purchased car(Honda CR-V) And I heard that there are many devices in market for it, So any suggestions from your side?   Thanks in advance!
  5. trumpet

    Clarion NAV Double DIN NX603 Used

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion NX603 Double DIN with Nav, smartphone app platform Item(s) Description/Condition: Used demo model, in great condition with the normal light scratches around the faceplate iGo Primo built-in GPS navigation - very intuitive and easy to use Quick Bluetooth connection...
  6. 1

    Mobile Safety Accessories

    Make the NavMirror here in Michigan, Check it out Automotive safety navigation rearview mirror.
  7. E

    Alpine INA-W910 GPS Software

    I purchased a used Alpine INA-W910 head unit and it didn't have the GPS software. I was curious if anyone knew where I could download the files online. I checked Alpine's website but they want 100 bucks. If anyone can help. Thanks in advance
  8. C

    Single Din w/ Pop Up Screen - Bluetooth/Navigation/DVD/DivX/MP3 - Options?

    Hi All, I am looking to replace the original head unit in my car which is quite frankly rubbish and I am looking for a single din headunit (due to space constraints) that has most importantly Navigation and Bluetooth but preferably also DVD/Divx/Mp3. I am super keen on the Clarion NZ502A but...
  9. wheeler8921

    F.S. Escort Passport 9500ix (Blue) GPS Radar Detector - Great Condition

    Item(s) for Sale: Escort Passport 9500ix Item(s) Description/Condition: I bought this radar detector along with a Valentine 1. I was taking a road trip from IN to NC & I wanted to test them out after seeing countless threads comparing the two units. I have to say, I'm sad to let this...
  10. B

    Factory GM GPS flatscreen Headunit

    If anyone has one of the flat factory headunits that I think are used for GPS for sale I'd like to buy it. I have the stock one with cassette player in it and I'd like the other, and to still be able to use the controls on my steering wheel. Post pics and price.
  11. F

    Double Din in 05 Jeep and dvd/gps sugestions??

    I am looking to buy a double din Dvd/Gps Head unit. I have tried looking at a couple places online to see if i can fit a double din receiver in an 05' Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited but I haven't found out if it will fit? Also wondering if there is any special wiring that will need to be done...
  12. req

    tomtom 335t XL GPS unit

    Item(s) for Sale: Tomtom 335t XL GPS Item(s) Description/Condition: This unit is BRAND NEW NEVER BEEN OPENED. It was won as a door prize at a work function for a christmas party. I have a Droid phone with Google maps navigation and i do not need this. The pictures below have the factory seal...
  13. S

    New Subs, Amps, GPS

    Brand new on sale! go to one stop destination to cheap car accessories
  14. S

    Brand New Subs Amps GPS

    we got it all! Brand new items. subs, amps, monitors and more. go to one stop destination to cheap car accessories
  15. S

    GPS Bus Station Auto-Announce System & GPS Bus On-board Information Advertise

    Brief introduction: GPS bus station auto announce system is based on GPS One hardware device (Microsoft Windows CE5.0 operating system) supports auto announce bus station name Manage bus and drivers information system Supports any size advertise display LCD The system makes it very...