Hyundai stock radio to stock GPS

Acryllium Newbie
Hello everyone,
This is my first post , I'm a total noob and was looking for some expert advice.
I bought a 2010 Hyundai ix35 with a stock radio in it ( A200ELEBANS - M63N ) .
I was able to buy a Hyundai stock GPS unit ( LAN8900EHLM ) from the same production year for super cheap , only the wiring is totally different.
I know going for an aftermarket radio is the smarter thing to do, only I don't have like 400+ dollars for the moment to spend on a decent aftermarket one, and for the dealer this is a non existend upgrade. Or you buy a new car with GPS installed or you buy it without GPS, later upgrades are not possible. Not because it's technical impossible, the dealer told me , it's just not their filosophy to make these systems upgradable. Like for my type of car, I also would need to replace the car's antenna on the roof because those are different on non GPS vs GPS versions.
So an OEM car audio adapter is not possible.
On I found the wiring diagrams for both units (non GPS 24pin + 18pin / GPS 20pin + 8pin + 8pin ), if I buy the correct connectors for both units and make a custom adapter , will this work , or will it destroy my car's electronics for sure ?

Thank you all for your help !!

Kind regards

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