DSP EQ and limiter question


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Nov 5, 2019
The DSP I have has 2 types of parametric EQ (5 hz increments), 1 on the input that affects the system as a whole, and each individual output has its own individual parametric EQ as well. I found 2 peaks when running a sweep on my midbass and want to pull it out. Should I use the EQ on that channel only? Or use the EQ that affects the system as a whole? On the limiter, I understand that I actually set my midbass and my sub amps to clip just a little and use the limiter function in the DSP to pull out the clipping until I see no clipping at the amps. Is this the correct way to use the limiter? It’s working from what I see. The lights on the DSP light up red on those channels and the clipping at the amp has stopped.

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