Curious about car audio!

PlasticRocket Newbie
Sep 13, 2019
Hi everyone. I like to go by jon. I drive a 1999 Saturn SC1. Long story short, id like to improve the sound quite a bit.

Now as for what im looking for out of it, well. I have noticed that i appreciate sound quality more than the loudness and how much bass there is. I listen to alot of extreme metal. Rock. Occasionally might blast a decent rap song once in awhile too! But id like to build a setup that is right for my kind of music eventually.

The current setup is a DEH-150-MP head unit that i installed back in like february. Stock speakers. As for the performance of the stock setup, right now i find it to be fair as is. I prefer my music to sound quite clear and not distorted so i do notice distortion when it gets turned up to like 50-55 ish. Ill have it up about that high because this little car is LOUD on the highway and the files of music on my phone ****. I have a solution for the file situation.

So, where should i start? I have very little experience with any of this so i appreaciate the help i can get!

PlasticRocket Newbie
Sep 13, 2019
Hmm, under $300-400 would be nice as i dont see myself needing a whole lot. But i can spend more if need be. Really just looking for clearer sound at lower volumes i guess.

SlugButter Enthusiast
Nov 5, 2019
A 4 channel amp to run a small sub and 2 door speakers should give you a good sound on your budget and leave you some trunk space. I run a diamond audio D6 10 inch sub and alpine door speakers, and it rarely gets turned up even close to the max level it’s capable of.


Senior VIP Member
May 27, 2015
irvine, ca
That headunit has 1 set of preouts. A $100 budget performer hu would be a good start because I can’t think of a less expensive solution. Add a budget 4 Channel amp, a budget component set and and a Small sub would be a good start. You’ll need to build your own box and you’d need an amp wiring kit

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